I create sculptures, installations and performances that are grounded in the body, nature and the senses. Often interactive and experiential, the themes in my practice center on ecofeminism and the body as it relates to my culture as a Filipina woman. I am interested in exploring the relationships of scent to ecology and memory as it relates to identity and storytelling. My work often addresses the politics of immigrant culture through sensuality and the poetics of space and narrative. Through the practice of glassblowing and its links to perfumery I recreate, shape and devise sculptural tools and experiences that engage the senses. The sculptures are often incorporated in installations that serve as sets for performances where I create unique spaces for experiencing scent. It is spiritual invoking a sensation of magical realism through fabricated rituals that reimagine cultures that are lost, colonized or undocumented. In my performances I explore synesthesia through collaborations with musicians and movement based artists, in order to create environments that allow for a full immersion of the senses.